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Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer And Tyre Research Institute


1. Book Chapters - Rubber Compounding Technology, Rubber Moulding Technology and Rubber Curing Technology by R. Mukhopadyay

2. Reverse Engineering of Rubber Products

3. Chapter on: Graphene based elastomers nano composites. Functionalization techniques, morphology and properties for publication in Polymer Science, Springer

    Published by Titash Mondal, Anil K Bhowmick & R Mukhopadyay


4. Chapter on : Influence of Thermal Ageing Process on the Crack Propogation of Rubber used for Tire application in the book "Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of polymer Sciences

(Springer Series in Material Science 247 by R.Stocek, O.Kratina, P Ghosh, J Malac & R Mukhopadyay



5. Polymer Science and Rubber technology


6. Introduction of Polymer Science & Rubber Technology

7. Book Chapter - Recent Advances in Eco Friendly Elastomer Technology by R Mukhopadyay, Rajatendu Sengupta and Saikat Das Gupta


8. Book Chapter - Automotive applications of Rubber Clay Nano-composites by Samar Bandyopadhyay, Sugatha Chakraborthy, Rabindra Mukhopadhyay



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