Endurance &Tire Thermography

The durability of a tire is of prime importance and also among the mandatory tests in the government regulatory standards.

To verify the durability of the tyre, endurance test is performed. The different variances of endurance test include load performance endurance, speed performance endurance, bead endurance and enhanced load performance endurance. The facility of endurance test is available for the following tire categories:

  • Passenger car tire/ Light truck (C1/C2)
  • Truck/Bus tires (C3)
  • Motorcycle tires (Two and three-wheeler tyres)
  • OTR & farm tires (up to 1400mm outer diameter)

The test machines are capable of performing the tests in compliance with the following standards:

  • IS 15633
  • IS 15636
  • FMVSS 139/109/119
  • ECE R54, R30, R64, R75,R106,R108,R019
  • ISO 10231
  • ISO 10191
  • SAE J1561
  • SAE J1633


Rolling tyre temperature is one of the most critical parameters for performance, life & safety of the tire. Thermography is used to measure tyre surface temperature. The abrasion, stiffness and coefficient of friction of the tread compound depend on its temperature.
Hence surface temperature does indicate the wear resistance and vehicle handling properties of the tire. Here, at HASETRI, we are having the facilities to capture the thermal images of the tires, in real-time during endurance tests.