Tyre footprint is a basic predictor of tyre performance. It gives information on tyre and road interaction.

We are equipped to capture the simple conventional “ink footprint”, as well as the intricate footprint images with pressure distribution, in accordance with the standard ASTM F870 and various OEM validation standards for motorcycle, passenger car, truck bus tyre sizes.

Along with the pressure distribution, the following data could be captured:

  • Gross area
  • Contact area
  • Land/Sea ratio
  • Footprint height
  • Footprint width

The test machine can perform the stiffness test in compliance with the following test standards.

  • AIS 044
  • SAE J2704
  • SAE J2718
  • ASTM F1971

Dynamic footprint

The dynamic footprint system enables to map the pressure distribution of tyres under dynamic condition. This helps to characterise and predict the tyre service life and manoeuvrability.