Polymers and elastomers

Natural and synthetic rubbers are both commonly employed in rubber products and different blends are also used to satisfy the design demand of various components of a tyre.

Dirt content, ash content, volatile matter, Mooney viscosity, oil content, metal content, mixed organic acid and soap content, cis trans vinyl styrene content (microstructure), glass transition temperature, molecular weight distribution, Mw, Mn, Mz, polydispersity index are all important parameters which affect different aspects of processing and end product properties.

We offer complete testing, analysis, and problem solving for natural and synthetic rubbers under a single roof.

  • Ash content
  • Dirt Content
  • Volatile Content
  • Mooney Viscosity
  • Oil content
  • Metal content
  • Nitrogen content
  • Organic acid and soap content
  • Micro structure (cis, trans and vinyl content)
  • Glass transition temperature
  • Molecular weight distribution