CAD Modelling

Competency to handle double curvature precisely to generate tyre model with 3D solid tread pattern, to simulate the exact footprint and its pressure distribution as that of actual tyre

Finite Element Modelling / Discretization

It involves creation and formation of elements with finite degrees of freedom along with the properties of the material and specific boundary condition and load conditions. The reinforcements are modelled with specialized command to model the reinforcement cords with designed thickness

Dimensional Analysis

Capability to predict the following Tyre inflated and loaded dimensions which are the most basic and fundamental requirement for a vehicle design.

  • Inflated outer diameter (OD)
  • Inflated section width (SW)
  • Static loaded radius (SLR)
  • Dynamic Loaded Radius (DLR)

Loading Analysis

Tyre footprint is basic predictor of tyre performance. It gives information of tyre and road interaction. Effect of various operating condition such as Load, Inflation pressure, Friction, Camber etc. can be analyzed. Simulation facility in HASETRI offers dynamic footprint at different speed.

Following footprint parameters are evaluated:

  • Footprint pressure distribution
  • Contact area
  • Contact length and contact width
  • Land and sea footprint area

Stiffness Analysis

HASETRI offers prediction of tyre stiffness, which plays vital role to govern vehicle ride and handling, in all the 3-axis w.r.t. both ISO and SAE system.

Force and Moment Analysis

The knowledge of forces and moments acting on a tyre plays a pivotal role in determining the behaviour of the vehicle in dynamic condition. It also incorporates the vehicle performance in terms of acceleration and braking. Simulation facility in HASETRI offers Forces and Moments values at different operating conditions including an entire range of possible slip angles

Following F&M parameters are evaluated:

  • Lateral Forces
  • Longitudinal Forces
  • Self-Aligning Moment
  • Overturning moment
  • Cornering stiffness
  • Acceleration/ Braking slip