Vehicle Dynamics & Noise Vibration Engineering

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Vehicle Dynamics & Noise Vibration Engineering

This group uses experimental methods to identify tyre noise, vibration, modal frequencies, forces and moments. It enables to attempt a wide range of automotive problems, viz. vehicle dynamics, identification of noise source. This group focuses on the following:

Indoor Testing:

Indoor testing includes tyre modal analysis, force and moment characterization and measurement of radiating tyre noise using semi-anechoic chamber

Outdoor Testing:

Outdoor testing includes pass by & interior noise measurement on field test e.g. Test track and Ride and Handling test generates Mimuro plot for characterizing vehicle handling parameters

  • Pass by & Interior noise
  • Ride Comfort & Handling

- Capabilities: -

HASETRI has demonstrated continued advancement in NVH & Vehicle dynamics testing facilities and team knowledge to address the current & future requirement of our customer from wide range of industries including automobile, locomotive, tyre, component manufacturer & white-good.