Rubber Process Oils

Rubber process oils are rich aromatic, naphthenic, or paraffinic by products from solvent extraction process of the petrochemicals industry. These are important for processing, vulcanization behaviour, and physical properties of the product. Process oils can have a wide range of specific gravity/API gravity, kinematic viscosity, flash point, fire point, pour point, composition by carbon type, glass transition temperature, and so on, depending on the requirement of the rubber compound and the end product properties.

We do comprehensive testing and analysis of process oils at our facility.

  • Specific gravity, API gravity
  • Kinematic viscosity, Viscosity Gravity Constant
  • Aniline Point
  • Flash and Fire point
  • Pour point
  • Carbon Type Analysis
  • Glass transition temperature
  • Polycyclic aromatics content
  • Poly aromatic Hydrocarbon content