Tear and Fatigue Analyser (TFA)

Tyre and Fatigue Analyser (TFA)

To understand the durability of rubber compound, HASETRI offers prediction of Crack nucleation and crack growth rate at different operating condition.
Fatigue crack growth (FCG) behaviour of elastomer compounds is an essential criterion to understand the cause of failure. Under cyclic loading condition one micro-crack can lead to an ultimate failure of the product if FCG characteristic of that compound is not sufficient enough to restrict the propagation. There are various factors which influence the FCG characteristics of rubber vulcanizates viz. temperature, strain rate, type of elastomer and filler etc.

It is possible to measure FCG at different environmental conditions:

  • High Temperature (Max 150oC)
  • Low Temperature (Min -50oC)
  • Inert (Nitrogen), Oxygen and Ozone atmosphere

Different loading conditions:

  • Variable Strain
  • Waveforms (Sine, Pulse etc.)
  • Variable Frequency
  • Non-relaxing load (R-Ratio)