Tyre Force & Moment Indoor

The force & moments generated in the contact patch of the tyre is responsible for all the dynamic handling characteristics of the vehicle. This corresponds to many handling property of the vehicle such as steer gradient, grip at limit, steering property, linearity etc. The different type of test we can perform to determine these properties are:

  • Steady state Force & Moment
  • Plysteer Residual Aligning Torque (PRAT)
  • Dynamic Loaded Deflection (DLD)
  • High Speed Uniformity (HSU)
  • Steady State Cornering (SSC)
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Sweep Test

HASETRI can provide F&M data for Passenger car (PCR) tyres, Light truck and Motorcycle tyres, limitation of tyre size for testing is 1000 mm – Outer Diameter (Max) and Section width of 318 mm (Max). TMSI Onlevel machine can test tyre loads upto 2450kg (Radial load) and speeds up to 150kph. Tyres are tested using standard test procedures (SAE, ISO & JATMA) and also with customised procedures to meet the customer’s requirement

Force and Moment (F&M) Test is performed to determine all the three Forces (Fx, Fy & Fz) & Moments (Mx, My & Mz) according to SAE test standard in different operating conditions

Test Outputs:

  • Cornering stiffness
  • Aligning Stiffness
  • Peak Lateral Force & Aligning Moment

Residual Aligning Torque (RAT) Test is performed to determine the pull properties of the tyre at smaller slip angles.

Test Outputs:

  • PRAT – Plysteer Residual Aligning Torque
  • CRAT – Conicity Residual Aligning Torque
  • Residual Cornering Force

High Speed Uniformity (HSU) Test is useful to determine the uniformity of the tyre.

Test Outputs:

  • Conicity
  • Plysteer
  • Force Variations (RFV, LFV & TFV)

Dynamic Loaded Radius (DLR) Test - Determines the Effective Loaded Radius of the tyre at different operating conditions.


  • Dynamic Loaded radius
  • Spring rate of the tyre at given load