Steel Cord

  • Tensile Properties:
    Tensile properties such as breaking force, maximum force, Elongation at break, Elongation between defined forces are analysed to evaluate the strength of materials.
    The breaking force and elongation at break of tyre steel cord are used in engineering calculations when designing this type of reinforced product.
    ASTM D2969.
  • Adhesion Properties:
    T-Pull Adhesion of Steel Cord:
    This test plays a significant role in evaluating the performance of rubber compound with respect to adhesion to steel cord. It also plays an important role in quality acceptance of commercial shipments of steel cord. The failure of test sample may be of Adhesion failure (complete rubber coverage of steel cord) or cohesive failure (lack of rubber coverage). The type of failure also gives some knowledge about the quality of compound and steel cord. Adhesion Strength also has correlation with the Endurance of tyres.
    Adhesion after various aging conditions such as Over-cure aging, Hot air aging, humid aging and Salt aging. All these accelerated aging studies help to analyse adhesion properties of the inorganic cord in the possible severe working conditions.
    ASTM D2229
  • Physical Properties:
    • Linear Density:
      Linear density is mass per unit length. The linear density of steel cord is used to calculate the expected mass of pneumatic tires and the various components used in their manufacture as a part of the process control procedure.
      ASTM D2969
    • Gauge:
      Thickness is one of the basic physical properties of strand and cord needed in many industrial applications. Tire dimensions and calendared fabric thickness are dependent on knowing cord thickness. Production techniques in calendering are also affected by the degree of out-of-roundness of the cord.
      Steel cord gauge tested using Disc type micrometer.
      ASTM D2969
    • Visual Inspection, Flare, Residual Torsion & Straightness:
      Physical properties of steel tire cord may be affected by the methods of manufacturing and handling procedures. Cleanliness has a direct effect on the adhesion of steel tire cord to elastomers.
      ASTM D2969
    • Lay Length & Lay Direction:
      Physical properties of steel cords are influenced by the direction of lay, length of lay, and number of strands and filaments.
      ASTM D2969