Compound & Process Development

Compound & Process Development

Compound & Process development team of HASETRI can help you to develop new compounds, value engineering of products, improve processability ensuring quality and customer requirements. Our capabilities include laboratory level mixing and extrusion, compound evaluation, specimen molding and testing.

  • Target Setting-Target setting is based on the reverse engineering data of the benchmark and in the absence of benchmark, depending upon the product application the target is set.
  • Design of recipe-Based on the composition analysis of the benchmark or application condition of the product.
  • Compound mixing-Establishment of mix procedures to get consistency and to meet the final product requirements.
  • Sample preparation & testing-Compound property requirements are to be checked after proper sample preparations and molding.
  • Analysis of results-The compound properties are compared with the target values, in case of any deviations from the target values, necessary changes are made in the above steps until the specifications match.
  • Submission of final report-The final reports are submitted within the stipulated time period within which the project duration was agreed upon.

Compound mixing & sample preparation

  • Banbury-1.6 litre banbury with variable RPM capable of mixing the compounds to give you the best possible dispersion.
  • Curing presses- Samples can be cured to the required dimensions as required by the standards for checking the rebound resilience, abrasion resistance, heat build-up and many other tests.
  • General testing facilities-The tests as mentioned in the physical testing department can be performed which ever are required by the particular compound.

Advanced testing facilities

  • Extrusion study by Haake Rheomix.
  • Variable temperature cure (VTC) analysis using Rubber Process Analyser (RPA).
  • Stress relaxation study by creep and stress relaxation tester.
  • Wear, traction & rolling resistance by LAT100.
  • Crack growth analysis by Tear and Fatigue Analyser.
  • Silica dispersion of the compounds by the SEM analysis.
  • High temperature tensile properties by UTM.
  • Dynamic mechanical properties at different strain, frequency & temperature by the DMA.

Tyre related projects

  • Low RR compounds for PCR application.
  • Compound for Ultra large OTR tyres.
  • High mileage tread compounds for truck radial tyres.
  • 2-3 wheeler compound development.
  • Compounds for retreading components of tyre.
  • Tyre tread compounds for winter application.

Non- Tyre related projects

Projects related to defense projects

  • Compound development for Tank track pad.
  • Development of Tank roller compound.
  • Static ring seal Technology development for small rotatable plug and large rotatable plugs of prototype fast breeder reactor.
  • Development of Static elastomeric ring seal for specific application.

Other projects

  • Ageing and life prediction of elastomeric inflatable seals based on FKM & EPDM.
  • Ageing and life prediction of elastomeric inflatable seals based on HNBR.
  • Crack growth study of compounds for Fender application.