Facilities available

Compound mixing & sample preparation

  • Banbury-1.6 litre banbury with variable RPM capable of mixing the compounds to give you the best possible dispersion.
  • Curing presses- Samples can be cured to the required dimensions as required by the standards for checking the rebound resilience, abrasion resistance, heat build-up and many other tests.
  • General testing facilities-The tests as mentioned in the physical testing department can be performed which ever are required by the particular compound.

Advanced testing facilities

  • Extrusion study by Haake Rheomix.
  • Variable temperature cure (VTC) analysis using Rubber Process Analyser (RPA).
  • Stress relaxation study by creep and stress relaxation tester.
  • Wear, traction & rolling resistance by LAT100.
  • Crack growth analysis by Tear and Fatigue Analyser.
  • Silica dispersion of the compounds by the SEM analysis.
  • High temperature tensile properties by UTM.
  • Dynamic mechanical properties at different strain, frequency & temperature by the DMA.